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Simply Ways To Get The Guy You Desire

In this modern age one might be forgiven to think that getting a guy is actually getting simpler for women. While for some this might be the case, still for a considerably large percentage, getting a guy proves to be an elusive dream! The silver lining though, is that getting guys tends to be a lot easier than getting a lady. The trick is combining various factors that really prove valuable to guys. This you may couple with doing things that improve your odds of landing him.

1. Go out and mingle.
There are too many different guys such that landing one tends to prove an easy task. But the most important thing for you to realize is that guys are there but out there! You need to position yourself in ideal places that guys frequently visit like bars. But going out does not necessarily mean that you actually go out. It may also mean being open minded about opportunities that may land you a guy. For example when an attractive guy smiles at you, go up to him and say hello!
2. Looking good is a must.
Guys generally tend to be very responsive to what they see. For you to stand a chance of getting a guy you should strive to look good. This can be achieved by applying make up that suits you, working on your body shape, dressing well and having that cute smile on you. Smiling makes you pleasant and approachable. We all know that the first step of getting him is him approaching you.
3. Do not be an open book!
The thing that makes people flip the pages of novels is they are curious to find out more. Similarly, if you want to get a guy it is very important for you to keep him interested. Being completely open may not guarantee you subsequent meets. You should make him eager to learn more about you and use some hero instinct phrases to draw his attention.
4. Do not hear him, listen to him!
People communicate more than just the communication they do through words. For you to be able to connect with him, pay attention to the non verbal communication he gives up. By listening to him, you will show him that you understand him and it will definitely help you keep him.
5. Be normal.
This is definitely something you may consider as not that important but you will be surprised by the consequences that may arise from not being normal. It is possible for you not to be normal but the challenge that may arise is that you do not know him well hence not conforming to normal parameters may make you lose him. Unless you know what he likes, act naturally and refrain from trying excessively to impress him.
Getting guys may be difficult but for sure with a combination of the above, your odds improve significantly.

While having a healthy diet is always important for your entire health, it is especially indispensable during pregnancy. Here are some foods that we recommend below.

Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables for fiber, vitamins, and minerals;

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of essential minerals like calcium which builds your baby’s bones, vitamins which include vitamin C, Vitamin A (which is, in fact, very essential for the child’s growth), and vitamin K and fiber. Besides, they prevent constipation. Leafy greens like kales, broccoli, turnip, and spinach have sufficient amounts of iron, folate and vitamins.

Fruits such as bananas are very rich in potassium besides providing energy for the mother. Berries will give you plenty vitamin C, water, healthy carbs, and fiber. They also contain anti-oxidants, water and plant compound useful for both the mother and the baby. Avocados are rich in potassium, B-vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and healthy fats. Oranges are also good.

Carbohydrates for starch;

Starch is good for energy and fiber. Up to a third of the food, a pregnant woman eats should be starchy. Sweet potatoes, for instance, contain a plant compound called beta-carotene which readily converts to vitamin A. Other sources of starch include oatmeal, whole-grain bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, yams, cornmeal, millet, rice, and noodles.

Protein-rich foods;

There is a broad range of protein foods for pregnancy to choose, some of which include;- Lean meat. Eat beef, pork, and chicken. Lean meats are rich in choline, iron, and B-vitamins which are always important during pregnancy. Women need larger amounts of iron when pregnant.

  • Eggs. Eggs are very nutritious with high protein and fat content. Eggs also have minerals and some vitamins. They contain choline which is necessary for brain development.
  • Legumes. Foods here include beans, lentils, soybeans, peas, and peanuts. Besides proteins, legumes also have high fiber, iron, calcium, and folate content all of which a woman needs more during pregnancy. Folate deficiency has been linked to low birth weight and neural tube defects.
  • Fish. Eating at most two servings of fish every week should be healthy for pregnancy. Mackerel, sardines, shellfish, and salmon are an excellent fit. However, as much as possible, avoid eating marlin, shark, and swordfish.

Dairy products are also good;

Dairy products have a lot of nutrient content that both you and the baby will need. They are rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, and various B-vitamins. Yoghurt is especially beneficial to women during pregnancy as it contains a lot of calcium (more than any other dairy product) and probiotic bacteria essential for some digestive processes.

Fat-free milk will help you absorb more calcium from other foods. While cheese has sufficient calcium, it is also rich in protein. But, you should avoid unpasteurized cheeses. Soya drinks and fromage frais can also be good for you.

Eat nuts for fat;

Your baby will need fats for brain development. Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats from nuts. Examples of nuts include almond, walnuts, pecans, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, and peanuts. However, because they have high calorie and fat content, you should not take too much. Vegetable oils are another good source of unsaturated fats.

Prenatal Yoga Poses and Sequences

A typical prenatal yoga class usually involves:

1. Breathing In and Out

As an expecting mother, you will be taught how to focus on your breathing patterns, slowly breathing in & out and also breathing deeply through the nose. The breathing techniques will help you to manage breath shortness during your pregnancy and also during labor contractions.

2. Stretching

You are encouraged to stretch gently while moving different body parts e.g. the neck, arms and limbs .

3. Postures

There are various yoga asanas for pregnant women. You can do a posture while standing, sitting or lying down while moving your body in different positions. The postures aim to help you develop strength, balance and flexibility. Some of the poses are:

• Sukhasana
• Padmasana
• Baddha Konasana
• Uttanasana
• Supported Matsyasana etc.
Note that you can use belts, cushions or blankets for more support & comfort.

4. Relaxation

After completing a yoga class, it is necessary that you relax your muscles & restore your breathing rhythm as well as the resting heart rate. You are encouraged to pay attention to your breathing patterns, body sensations and emotions in order to bring out inner calmness and self-awareness.


Just like other pregnancy classes, yoga for expectant women is a multi-faceted exercise that is conducted to encourage focused breathing, mental and physical awareness. Some of its benefits include:

• Improved sleep
• Reduced stress & anxiety
• It reduces the risk of a pre-term labor.
• Helps you to connect more with the baby.
• It Increases the strength, endurance and flexibility of pelvic floor muscles needed during childbirth
• It reduces headaches, breath shortness, lower back pain, symptoms of carpal-tunnel syndrome and nausea.
• Gives you a sense of sisterhood while interacting with other women who are also expecting.

As an expectant woman, it is important to moderate your yoga exercise to about half an hour . Do not push yourself because yoga is meant for relaxation purposes.

Although yoga has a lot of benefits , note that it is not safe for all pregnant women. Also an asana such as bikram and some other asanas that require environments with above room temperatures can lead to hyperthermia which is very dangerous.